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Looking for the Best Solar Panels in Australia? Here’s Our 2019 Review

There is no shortage of “definitive online lists” claiming to feature the best solar panels to buy for your home. Published every few months, these reviews can be very useful for homeowners who are starting from scratch.

But even the best of these solar panel lists suffer from one fatal flaw. They completely ignore geography. And here’s why that matters.

The basic mechanics of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology are universal. But variables like climate, installation, orientation, and weather can all have a dramatic impact on your PV system’s energy production. And this explains why solar panels ideally suited for Japan won’t produce the same benefits if installed in Australia – or vice versa.

That’s why we’ve decided to publish our own “Best Solar Panels in Australia” review, specifically targeted for the Australian market. This list is based on our own internal analysis – after having used a wide range of competing PV technologies in the field.

So what are the best solar panels in Australia?

Below are our top 3 picks (for 2019)

1. Trina Solar Panels

Trina is a leader in solar PV R&D – and it clearly shows. Since 2011 alone, the company has shattered 15+ world records for efficiency, durability, and performance. And this explains why Trina’s solar panels are the technology of choice for many of Australia’s largest PV installations, including:

  • Mildura Airport
  • Adelaide Airport
  • University of Queensland

In addition, Trina’s high-performance solar modules are some of the most affordable in any class. And this makes them the preferred PV panel option for a growing number of homeowners throughout Australia.

2. LG Solar Panels

LG is a premium solar panel manufacturer with more than 20 years of industry experience. Their PV modules come with a bifacial surface capable of absorbing:

  • Direct sunlight on the front
  • Reflected light on the back

As such, LG solar panels are some of the most efficient modules on the market. Even on the cloudiest of days, they’re able to generate 40% more solar energy than conventional panels can.

In addition, LG offers an industry-leading warranty that is 20% longer than most of its rivals. And with service centres located right here in Australia, you’re fully covered if anything happens to your LG solar panels.

3. Hanwha’s Q Cells

Solar panel performance is inversely proportional to temperature, meaning that the hotter it becomes – the less energy you receive.

And in a hot, sunny market like Australia, this presents a major challenge.

Fortunately, Hanwha’s Q Cells have some of the lowest temperature coefficients in the solar industry, making them ideal for Australia’s unique, arid climate. Even during the hottest days of our notorious summer season, Q Cells consistently generate more energy than almost any other panel on the market.

As an added benefit, Q Cells come in a wide variety of designs, allowing homeowners to factor in both savings and aesthetics when shopping around for solar panel options.

What Are the Best Solar Panels for Your Home?

Going solar offers countless benefits, with nearly every module on the market capable of saving you money and shrinking your carbon footprint.

You really can’t go wrong.

But if you live in Australia and want to maximise these benefits, our “Best solar panels in Australia” review gives you the power to make an excellent decision. We really can’t recommend these 3 solar panels enough.