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Take control of your home's energy with Solarbank

High-end residential solar power and battery solutions for greener Sydney homes

From our base on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we help Greater Sydney homeowners harness the free, zero emission solar energy hitting their property every day.

"At home on the Northern Beaches, serving Greater Sydney".

Exceptional Customer Service

We’ve built our business on honest advice, personalised service and a deep commitment to providing you with the best solution for your circumstances. From our obligation-free quote through to installation, we guide you every step of the way.

Quality Craftsmanship

To ensure your safety and satisfaction, our certified and accredited installation team deliver the highest standards of workmanship, communication and after-sales support.

Unmatched Reputation

We don’t have pushy salespeople or discounts for signing up now – just quality advice and workmanship. Check out our 5 star Google Rating.

Brand Agnostic

We supply, recommend and support a range of quality solar equipment, and base our product recommendations on your individual needs.

Bespoke Solutions

We provide custom solar solutions that take into account your needs and budget to get the best outcome.

Fully Licensed & Insured

You can rest assured - we hold full product and public liability insurance and only use Clean Energy Council accredited installers and designers.​

A proven process to achieve a quality solar design and installation

Your energy use and requirements aren’t the same as everyone elses. Our solar and battery installations are designed to fit your power needs. We don’t do solar based on specials or run out deals, we do solar based on what’s best for you.


Examine your power usage and discuss your requirements. Understand your site and determine the optimal solar power system.


Design a system considering site specific issues such as shading and orientation as well as aesthetics to deliver you the highest value.


Experienced professionals conduct your solar installation to the highest standards of workmanship and care.


After sales technical and warranty support as well as remote monitoring of your system by Solarbank.

Quality residential solar products from trusted brands

We supply, install and support only the best quality products to ensure your solar solution goes the distance.

Helping Sydney home-owners reduce their dependence on fossil fuel

We've built an unmatched reputation based on exceptional customer service and high quality installations - but don't just take our word for it.

Excellent service and communication from Andrew. Fabulous system and smooth, neat installation - we are very happy. All guys on site were respectful and left the place spotless after they'd finished. I highly recommend Andrew and his team.
Kathy Campbell
22:44 22 May 22
I had an excellent experience. The installers Tim and Justin were professional, courteous and took the time to answer some questions I had. They completed the installation and cleaned up so well if it wasn’t for the solar panels I wouldn’t of known they had been there.
Bevan Work
00:48 29 Apr 22
Andrew and his team were professional, friendly, informative and innovative. We got quotes from 3 other companies, all of which seemed to follow a formula in designing and recommending a system for our home. Solarbank weren't the cheapest (the best rarely are) but they took the time to tailor the design to our individual situation and requirements. Installation was quick, tidy and efficient, and the system is working exactly as promised.
David Creais
07:50 27 Mar 22
Andrew and his team were outstanding from start to finish. Their workmanship is second to none and I know that at anytime I can call with queries. Following the installation, Andrew was also available to ensure that our new electricity contract was the best in market.
Roger Byrne
01:01 30 Mar 22
Solarbank are efficient, friendly, pro-active AND go the extra mile to make sure the setup is aesthetically appropriate. Great work Solarbank. I highly recommend your services.
kathlyn loseby
00:10 01 May 22
So happy with the service I received from Andrew at Solarbank. Didn't charge for call out and was so helpful and professional. He is incredibly knowledgeable about solar and how it works. Wish I'd found Andrew months ago and can't recommend him highly enough.
Jane Sidd
05:54 10 Feb 22
Andrew and his team are real professionals, offering competitive prices, standout customer service, quality installation and demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of solar and battery technologies. Highly recommend!
Brad Molloy
03:56 30 Jun 22
I would highly recommend Andrew and his team. Great communication and service, very professional.
Lucy Lutze
10:06 27 Oct 21
Our venture into solar power was quite overwhelming. There are so many companies out there with a diverse range of price points. Most quotes were done on line with very little explanation and no one coming to the premises to quote.However, our Solarbank experience was quite different. Andrew( the director of Soarbank) came to the house, explained everything clearly, answered all my questions, his knowledge and expertise was reassuring.On the day of installation, the team arrived promptly and even more impressive Andrew was there as well. The team were courteous and respectful. The job was finished within the expected time frame.The after service was excellent as well. We had a small minor issue that Andrew was quick to resolve.I would highly recommend Solarbank for installation of solar panels and a battery.RegardsMandy Saunders
Brett Wainwright
23:34 28 Jul 22
Andrew and his team were amazing!! He and his team were extremely friendly accommodating and courteous.My husband who is a builder/carpenter was very particular who did the job as he wanted everything concealed, wires not to be seen from street view. We had 3 other quotes from solar companies and none of them could guarantee to finish the job with my husbands specific specifications except for Andrew.Andrew met and exceeded our expectations. We would recommend Andrew to anyone.
Angela Borg
04:55 19 Aug 22
very happy with Solarbank’s installation of our 20kW system and Tesla battery. Very efficient. Very professional. Excellent attention to detail!
andrew b
01:43 21 May 22
The Solarbank experience was stress-free throughout the entire process from engagement, design, installation and commission. The system that was designed and installed maximises solar production and return on investment. All trades on site were fantastic, communicated and consulted with me on decision points. Highly recommend Solarbank for their services - more companies should strive to this level!
Julian Chan
09:36 17 Jan 22
Solar Bank installed a 10.34 kw system (27 panels) to our house. The boys that installed the system were very polite and efficient in installing the system. Andrew was extremely professional in his sales approach (no hard sell). He is very knowledgeable and was able to communicate the setup and workings of the system effectively. A small adjustment was necessary after completion. This occurred very quickly within a few days. We highly recommend Solar Bank at Cromer, and we couldn’t be happier with the system.Kevin and Julie
Julie Kelly
05:24 10 Sep 21
With so many shonky operators in this field, it is a very difficult task finding someone you can trust. Andrew and the team at Solarbank are setting the standard that all others should follow. There's no hard sales techniques, no selling you things you don't need. In fact, Andrew talked me out of one thing I requested because it would not have been cost effective. This is not the behaviour of someone out to make a quick buck. This is the behaviour of someone who is honest and who wants to ensure you get the most for your hard earned money.Andrew's attention to detail is laser sharp. Nothing less than perfect will pass his scrutiny. You can be assured of an installation that will exceed the quality that others would provide. Grinding roof tiles so they sit flat on the brackets that hold the panels in place to eliminate the risk of water ingress, running the panel electricals in such a way so that they are never exposed to sunlight and potentially degrade. These are things that other operators fail to do and it results in a better and more robust installation. Also, nothing but the very best quality panels, inverters and cabling is used.I had the privilege of being able to observe the entire installation at my home. Every single person who worked on our installation presented the highest level of professionalism and skill. They were all polite, friendly and treated my home with care, like it was their own. We had our fair share of challenges, bad weather interrupted the initial install, but Andrew handled it like a true professional. They did everything that they could and rescheduled the rest of the installation for another day when the weather was better.Once the system was in place, Andrew took the time to sit down with me and explain how the system would work, helped to set up the internet connectivity so I can monitor the systems output and performance from my smart phone and computer and gave invaluable insights into how to get the very best out of my investment.Andrew and the team left absolutely no trace of their presence when they were gone. All rubbish was removed and any mess made was thoroughly cleaned.If you want a solar system at your home or business, look no further than Solarbank. You can trust Andrew and his team. They will not disappoint you. I commend Andrew and the Solarbank team to you.
Brendan Heffernan
10:19 18 Jan 22
Andrew and the team at Solarbank provided us with a fantastic solution for our solar requirements. We are loving our panels and battery setup. It's been about three months now and even through the rainy months, we still saved $400 on our previous year's bill, despite having added a heated pool. Everything was installed really neatly and Andrew was very knowledgable about efficiency/availability of parts and suitability for our property. Many thanks, we're loving it.
Shirley Tubb
09:41 28 Oct 22
Andrew at Solarbank was extremely professional, honest and knowledgeable. He explained the whole process in detail for us, and answered our many questions in a friendly manner. On the day of installation, the team carried out our job efficiently and tidily, with no hitches. Thank you!
Vicky Machar
01:19 18 Jun 23
Solarbank did an excellent plan and installation greatly extending our solar output and storage with a Tesla battery. Although I had an idea of what I wanted, Andrew patiently explained why it was inadequate and the upgrade has been brilliant and looks very professionally installed. The system has been running for almost a year now, and even with many cloudy days, we've barely used any grid power, saving over $1000 even though our previous usage was only around 8KWhr/day.I got a couple of quotes from other installers, but the creepy 40+ page "contracts" were too disturbing and intrusive for me to even consider.
ernie marton
06:01 31 Jan 23
Andrew and his Solarbank team provided exceptional quality and service with my first venture into solar power. He was able to answer all my questions, include the very basic ones, with clarity using a “language” that was easy to understand. His team (some of who need singing lessons) arrived on time, we’re open, friendly and completed the job on time (one day) leaving a clean work site. The benefits of solar are already being realised…. and it’s winter! Highly recommend Solarbank for all solar requirements…
Pete Probert
04:19 20 Aug 21
Excellent service and products.Andrew knows his stuff as does his crew. He supplied us a top line system and great advice. Punctual, and very tidy outcome.
chris stephandellis
01:39 25 Aug 23
Andrew and the team are amazing to deal with, especially with their post instillation communication and service. Our inverter failed after 3 years and I was quickly notified by Andrew and he also informed me that he had ordered a new one and would attend to replace it free of charge under warranty. I have friends that have used other solar companies and once they had their systems installed, they never heard from them again. I highly recommend Solarbank!!
Regan Gith
23:14 07 Sep 23
The whole thing with solar is a big pain bur these guys made it so easy. I git a lot of quotes & some of the sales tactics from other solar companies weren’t great but I vibed with Andrew/Solarbank & it all went smoothly.They were also the cheapest quote which isn’t why I went with them but was a nice bonus.
07:50 12 Sep 23
The sales/quoting process was fast and efficient. They took the time to understand my needs and then presented me with a high quality business case/proposal. I knew exactly what it would cost and the payback period.Installation was completed within 1/2 day. The installers were polite, tidy and punctual. They also took the time to explain the process and sought my advice on all key decisions (e.g. placement of inverter etc). The installers were very customer focused and took great pride in their work and ensuring I was actively engaged in the installation process.Customer service is second to none. This is a real strength of Solarbank. They take the time to consider your individual needs and requirements. Not a cookie cutter approach but one tailored to the customer.I cannot speak more highly of this firm.
Matt Phillips
05:50 21 Nov 23
I have had my solar system in now for about 3 weeks and am very happy with its performance. On a sunny day it easily runs my pool heat pump, washing machine and more while sill putting power back into the grid. Andrew & Tom were easy to deal with and were patient with all my questions. The installation team were polite and efficient and left without making a mess. All up thank you Solarbank, I am happy to recommend you!
Jonathan Curnow
04:25 01 Dec 23
We had solar installed by Solarbank in 2017. I got quotes from 5 other providers. Andrew was far from the cheapest but you can tell his guys really know what they are doing. He had thought of many different practical things that no one else even considered.For example, one provider had panels surrounding our roof mounted AC unit. You would have needed to step on a panel to service the unit. Seems obvious in retrospect but did not leap off the page. In the end, I think we likely SAVED money long term by not going too cheap up front.I’d highly recommend the SolarBank team.It's 2024 and 7 years have gone by. I talk to the team at SolarBank occasionally with questions and they've always been amazing at staying in touch. Last week, our inverter failed and Solarbank were quick to organise a replacement and promptly came to install the replacement with no charge. Great Service!
Pat Devlin
03:22 08 Feb 24
The guys at solarbank did an awesome job at our place! They took the time to really explain why the system they had put forward was the best option for us. Fantastic from start to finish.
Marcus Low
02:46 26 Mar 24
I'm truly impressed with Solarbank. Their professionalism and commitment to excellence stood out from the initial consultation to the post-installation support.It's only been a few days since my solar system was installed, and I'm already experiencing remarkable performance. On sunny days, it easily powers my pool heat pump, washing machine, and other appliances, while sending surplus power back into the grid.Andrew and his team were a pleasure to work with, patiently addressing all my questions. The installation team was efficient, polite, and left no mess behind.Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with Solarbank and highly recommend them to anyone looking to save money and invest in a top-quality solar solution.
Kevin Roy
22:53 24 Apr 24
I have been nothing but continually impressed by Andrew and the team at Solarbank. We recently begun looking into upgrading our old solar system to expand capacity and add a battery on our property, and went about getting quotes from various local providers.Installing systems like these are without a doubt a big financial investment—you want to be sure you understand what you are purchasing, that it’s the right solution for you, and it will be installed with care and attention to detail. Andrew came in person to do an on-site inspection, always made himself available to answer all questions I had as I researched and compared the (many!) possible hardware options, and even popped around the day after install to ensure everything was working as expected. I never felt Andrew was ever pushing unnecessary or second-rate hardware onto the install, and always gave his honest opinion on what would be the most energy effective, functional system and brands for our home needs.On the day of install, the Solarbank team were incredibly professional, courteous and put in the hours to do the installation the right way - we couldn’t be happier with the quality of the installation, and in the first few days after our install our system is running perfectly.If you’re looking for a solar installer that you can trust to give you straight forward, honest advice and install to the highest of quality, I couldn’t recommend the Solarbank team more!
07:44 15 May 24
Andrew and his team installed our solar system for us 5 years ago - it has been great and worked "as advertised". Recently we needed a repair after lightning strike damage ... nothing was a hassle for Andrew and his team. All sorted out quickly and, just like the installation, with a minimum of fuss. Cannot recommend these guys highly enough ... be nice if there was six stars!
Andrew Norris
22:08 15 May 24
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Our expertise

Your energy use and requirements aren’t the same as everyone elses. Our solar installations are designed to fit your power needs. We don’t do solar based on specials or run out deals, we do solar based on what’s best for you.
We can provide you with an obligation-free quote to help you start your solar journey. We’ll visit your home or business, discuss your power needs and take you through the process of installation and support in language you can understand. Get in touch to arrange a time.

Quality guaranteed

At Solarbank we offer a 10 year warranty on the installation services relating to our solar power and battery systems.

This means that if a system installed by us fails or breaks within 10 years due to defective performance of our installation services we will fix it or replace it.

Quality solar products for residential installations

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