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Why Do You Need an Inverter for Solar Panels?

Most Australian businesses and homeowners rely on grid electricity to power everything from mobile phones to air conditioners to heavy machinery. However, this electricity is already incredibly expensive, with no indication that rates will come down soon. If anything, they’ll keep going up with each passing year.

Worse still, this grid power is generated from fossil fuel, which is terrible for the environment.

Against this backdrop, going solar is a no-brainer. By installing panels, you can create your own electricity from sunshine – an energy source that is both free and clean.

But getting started isn’t as simple as installing some panels and connecting them to your home’s or business’s electrical system. Before you can harness this clean and free energy, you need a solar power inverter first.

What Is a Solar Power Inverter?

Our modern appliances rely on alternating current (AC) electricity. But the electricity from your solar panels comes out as direct current (DC) power.

To make this solar energy usable within your home or business, you need an inverter to convert DC electricity to AC power in real time.

However, solar power inverters come in a wide range of different makes and models. And which one to install ultimately depends on:

  • What features you need from your solar power inverter.
  • How you plan on using the energy from your solar panels.

Why We Recommend Fronius and SMA Solar Power Inverters

There is no shortage of high-quality solar inverters on the market. And if you’re already partial to one, our experts can easily accommodate your needs.

But in Australia, the 2 inverter technologies we install most often come from Fronius and SMA. Below are just some of the reasons why we prefer using their solar power inverters:

  • Both are solid workhorses that consistently deliver outstanding performance.
  • They enjoy unrivalled track records built on decades of solar experience.
  • They offer industry-leading warranty coverage to help safeguard your solar savings.
  • They come with remote monitoring so you can track your solar installation’s performance in real-time.
  • Both are infinitely customisable – allowing for a large range of residential and commercial applications.
  • They come with rival (but equally effective) cooling technologies, making them ideally suited for Australia’s warm climate.

Last, but not least, Fronius and SMA inverters can easily be configured for on-site solar battery storage or electrical vehicle (EV) charging.

You might not need either of these options right now. But you might in a few years. And it’s comforting to know that the inverter you install today can support your energy needs as they evolve over time.

Let Us Help You Find the Right Solar Inverter for Your Panels?

If your goal is to go solar and maximise your savings, we can’t say enough positive things about SMA and Fronius. The solar power inverters they produce have consistently helped our own customers enjoy the highest possible returns from their clean energy investments.

However, if you prefer using another inverter technology instead, we’d be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your solar power needs.