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The Benefits of Solar Panels for Commercial Businesses

The basic concept and benefits of solar panels is very simple:

  • Install photovoltaic (Solar) panels on your roof.
  • Start generating your own clean energy on-site.
  • Watch your monthly electricity bills go down.

These benefits explain why millions of homeowners across Australia continue turning to sunshine to power their lives. Installing solar panels offers immediate and measurable savings.

However, the benefits of solar panels are considerably greater among commercial customers.

And here’s why.

1. Commercial Solar Delivers Larger Savings

In Australia, most businesses operate during normal daytime hours – precisely when solar panels generate the most energy:

  • In the absence of these solar panels, businesses must pay peak electricity rates.
  • With panels installed, however, businesses enjoy massive utility bill reductions.

These savings don’t simply make your business more sustainable. They also make you more competitive.

If your organisation follows nighttime hours instead, then all the energy generated from your solar panels (during the day) goes into the Grid. And thanks to Australia’s feed-in tariff program, your utility provider is required to compensate you for this clean electricity – in the form of credits that you can apply to future bills.

So you actually enjoy even larger savings.

Either way, solar is an investment that pays for itself – many times over.

2. Commercial Solar Delivers Tax Benefits

Commercial solar customers qualify for many of the same incentives that residential ones do – including the aforementioned feed-in tariff.

But as a business owner, one of the primary benefits of rooftop solar panels is that you can treat your solar installation as a tax deduction as well. As a result, going solar is actually more affordable for commercial users than it is for homeowners.

Standard disclaimer: we are not tax advisers. And to maximise this deduction, you should consult with your accountant about how best to amortise or depreciate your solar power investment.

3. Commercial Solar Attracts More Business

Whether you’re a residential or commercial customer, going solar is good for the environment. Rather than rely on Grid electricity generated from fossil fuel, you’re able to power your home or business with clean sunshine.

But as a business owner, your solar investment can help generate more sales. That’s because customers increasingly prefer doing business with ecologically responsible companies. And few investments demonstrate your commitment to the planet more than installing solar panels can.

You’re not simply paying lip service to environmental protection. You’re actually “walking the walk” (and saving money in the process).

Moreover, the advantages of this corporate social responsibility (CSR) extend well beyond your customers. Commercial solar power can also help you attract better vendors, suppliers, investors, and employees.

Ready to Enjoy These Commercial Solar Benefits?

Every business is different. And you’ll need to analyse your own goals to determine if the cost/benefit of solar panels makes sense for your organisation.

But when done correctly, solar is a risk-free investment that can help:

  • Save you money.
  • Reduce your taxes.
  • Protect the planet.
  • Attract new business.