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Tesla Powerwall Price – Is It Worth It?

Tesla Powerwall. It’s the “new age” of energy systems. Homeowners now, more than ever can take full control over their power with the Tesla Powerwall 2.

But is the Powerwall worth it? What’s a good Tesla Powerwall price? How much does Tesla Powerwall cost with Solarbank? Will you be better off if you get one installed?

Tesla Powerwall Prices

Like everything, the cost of a Tesla Powerwall varies depending on;

a) The installer

b) Your location

c) Complexity factors of the installation.

In general though, Tesla Powerwall price is what you might expect from a state-of-the art piece of energy technology with more benefits to you than you might know. For the reasons above, we won’t get into specifics on what a Tesla Powerwall might cost. If you’d like to know a Tesla Powerwall Price then why not ask us for an obligation-free quote here!

Tesla Powerwall Price VS Returns

Getting Tesla Powerwall coupled with your solar power system is an investment. And like any investment, it’s important to consider the cost VS returns. Currently, solar panels give a better “return on your money” than Tesla Powerwall will. However, solar panels on their own cannot deliver as many benefits as a hybrid solar battery setup.

Getting a Tesla Powerwall with your solar system means:

  1. You make use of solar energy which would otherwise be “wasted” (sent to the grid)
  2. Your power bill drops even more than it will with just solar
  3. Your overall returns will be higher than if you just got a solar PV system

How Tesla Powerwall Saves You More Than Solar Panels Alone:

tesla powerwall price chart
Shows how Tesla Powerwall battery charges and discharges to give you more power than solar alone.

How Can I Get Tesla Powerwall For My Solar System?

Tesla Powerwall just got even better with the introduction of Powerwall 2. Very little change to the price of the system, but huge improvements all round! Powerwall 2 is a higher density unit with increased abilities to deliver power to you when you need it most (when the solar can’t cover all your use).

See the image below for an example of the improvements to Powerwall with Tesla Powerwall 2:

Tesla powerwall 2 comparison
Tesla Powerwall compared with Powerwall 2

Can I Get Tesla Powerwall For My Existing Solar System?

Yes! Now it’s easier to couple a Powerwall with your existing system. This is also called retro-fitting. There are 2 versions of Powerwall – The AC powerwall is built for this exact scenario (adding to a solar system with an inverter). The DC Powerwall includes some in-built inverter tech and is suited to new solar installations.

Tesla Powerwall 2 AC coupled
This is how Powerwall 2 can be AC-coupled to ANY existing solar PV system.

How Do I Get Tesla Powerwall If I Don’t Have Solar Panels Yet?

The DC Powerwall 2 will handle all your needs. You can install this unit with any compatible solar system. Ask us about how it could work for you now.

Tesla Powerwall Price – What’s it going to cost?

Tesla Powerwall 2 is not ‘cheap and nasty’. This is a premium system to deliver reliable power to your home. One thing is for certain, installing a Powerwall is going to be cheaper than paying for grid power into the future. Tesla Powerwall comes with a 10 year warranty! Which means it will most certainly give you an excellent Return On Investment.