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Solar Installation Quality – Conduit

There is a lot to consider when you think about the quality of solar installations.

Solarbank takes pride in doing everything in a way that meets what customers think of as “quality”. Our 6 point quality check explains the importance of little things in your solar installation.

Cavity versus external conduit

Conduit is required in many instances to protect and conceal cables which carry the power generated by your solar power system.

Unfortunately, conduit can be ugly, poorly installed or (even worse) improperly installed.


When a customer trusts in us to install a solar power system at their home or business we take it seriously and are mindful of the importance of maintaining the aesthetics of the premises.

Minimising Conduit

We will always do our best to minimise the use of external conduit for running cables to the inverter and meter board. In most cases we are able to install systems with little or no external conduit making for a very attractive installation.

Concealing Conduit

For some buildings this is not possible due to factors such as insulation in the walls. In these cases we will seek to run conduit behind drainpipes or other ducts to ensure a tidy look.

Here are some images of what a neat, tidy conduit installation looks like:

SMA – Sunny Boy
SMA Inverter

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