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Commercial Benefits of Solar Panels in Australia

In an earlier post, we explored some of the more obvious benefits of solar panels in Australia. The moment you install photovoltaic (PV) technology on your property, you begin enjoying:

  • Financial savings (because of your smaller monthly utility bill).
  • Environmental savings (due to your smaller carbon footprint).

These 2 benefits are enough to motivate a growing number of businesses throughout Australia to explore commercial solar power.

However, there are several less obvious benefits of rooftop solar panels.

Below are 3 of the biggest you can expect as a business owner.

1. Emergency Daytime Power

Most solar PV installations are Grid-tied, allowing you to receive continuous electricity 24/7:

  • During the day, the bulk of this power comes from your solar panels.
  • Once the sun goes down, all of the electricity comes from the Grid.

But with the right type of solar inverter, it’s possible to configure your PV installation so that it delivers continuous daytime power – even if the entire Grid goes down during a blackout. And with on-site batteries storing daytime solar electricity from your PV system, you’ll also have continuous power at night as well.

If yours is a business that needs guaranteed, uninterrupted electricity – both day and night – solar can provide this.

2. Reduced Cooling Costs

The ability to generate your own free electricity from sunshine can help dramatically reduce your monthly utility spending.

But the savings actually go much deeper than that.

This is because the shading from your PV panels can make your rooftop up to 2.5° cooler . As such, you don’t need to spend as much money on A/C and cooling during the hottest months of the year.

If your rooftop isn’t suitable for PV panels, we can install a solar carport instead. This approach delivers the same benefits as rooftop solar panels. And it also provides shade for your employees’ and customers’ cars.

In addition, we can install electric vehicle charging ports with your solar carport, allowing every EV driver in your organisation to fuel their commutes with free and clean sunshine.

3. Property Value Increases

If you own (instead of lease) your commercial property, going solar can increase its resale value – often by a lot:

  • According to one analysis, the value increases by an average of $20 for every $1 in annual utility bill savings that your solar PV system delivers.
  • In another analysis, researchers found that properties outfitted with PV technology spent significantly less time on the market.

Both of these studies were US-specific. But the basic principle still applies. To lock in guaranteed financial and environmental savings, future property buyers are consistently willing to pay a premium for solar-enabled homes and businesses.

Ready to Claim These Commercial Solar Benefits?

The primary reason business owners go solar is to save money and help protect the environment. These benefits manifest on Day 1 and continue for the 25+ years of your solar panels’ warrantied lifetime.

However, the true ROI of your clean power investment is substantially larger once you factor in the numerous hidden benefits mentioned above.